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“Brilliant – the children enjoyed the experience – me too. I now know how to stand back a little more and give the children the opportunity to think and organise themselves, to enable their basic learning to belong to themselves.”

Linda, Class Teacher.

“I really enjoyed working with Paul on the Problem-Solving activities. His ideas were innovative and highly creative. It was fascinating watching my pupils work as a whole class to solve problems, something they rarely do in the classroom. The pupils really looked forward to the activities and related to Paul very well.”

Jenny Class Teacher.

“A varied, well-balanced and, above all, fun range of activities ensured all of the children stayed on task and completely engaged for the whole of the morning. Some very creative solutions to problem-solving activities resulted and they all enjoyed the process. Thanks”

Anita  Class Teacher.

Much food for thought, thank you. I will be certainly implementing some of your behviour management strategies. 

Karen D. Class Teacher.

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