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“I loved the workshop it gave us a new perspective on problem solving and working together.” Avril (Year 7).

“Great fun I liked working together and I’ve learnt to not just blame one person!” Correen

“I liked it because we done lots of fun things to do but they weren’t just fun they were challenging to” Lauren (Year 6).

“He’s is good at explaining things and makes it fun” Sam (Year 5)

“I really enjoyed it because I learned more and it was good fun” Jarvis

“Games were fun and hard” George

“I enjoyed the session and I liked working as a group. It was fun” Lauren

“I like it because he had lots of games to play and we had a fun day knowing one was left of and we all had a great time”

Kimberley (Year 7)

“I liked the session because it was problem solving and working as a group and it was fun” Lucy (Year 5)

“I really enjoyed today it was such good fun doing things together, thanks” Christine

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