Pupil Challenge Programme

Part 1: Preparation, 4 Weeks before the activity day

  • The teacher will ask pupils to fill in a simple one page future planner, in diary format, for each week leading up to the activity day.
  • This provides a 'baseline' from which to measure the success of the experiential learning day in school.

Part 2: Experiential learning day and setting goals

  • The class will have a full day of fun creative thinking and problem solving activities in school.
  • The class will review the day programme, fill in part two of the future planner and make and action plan.
  • During the activity day, pupils will reflect and review their experiential learning and growth transitions through the facilitated seated circle review, working in pairs and other tools.

Part 3: Implementation

  • After the activity day the teacher will ask pupils to fill in one page for each week for a further 4 weeks.
  • As part of the future planner process pupils carry out 'peer reviews' where they work in pairs to discuss each others action plan and reflect the discussion in their future planners.

Part 4: Celebration/affirmation

  • The class, teacher and senior staff member will hold a plenary review session to celebrate their progress and achievements and decide what to do next.

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