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“I have been very impressed with the activities Paul has devised to help children work in a more team-like manner and the fact that he allows children to resolve the problems they come across with little or no adult intervention. This sometimes leads to a whole new set of problems which Paul allows the pupils to explore and resolve themselves and it is often at this time that much of the real thought provoking learning occurs.

Pupils have certainly enjoyed the sessions and many pupils who usually do not fully take part in school ‘work’ found themselves wanting to share their ideas with the group or class.”

William F. Deputy Head Teacher  

"I have worked with Paul for the last three years on teacher training courses.

Paul uses his problem solving box to teach the art of facilitation –  in other words – he demonstrates experientially that children can actually help themselves without being told what to do .....  it surely is the most powerful form of development for a child on his or her way to being an independent human being.

Paul encourages teachers to have the confidence to let go, to step back, to allow children to make mistakes and to learn from them, all within a bubble of safety – both physical and emotional.

I believe all schools should have a problem solving box and the training to unlock its mysteries – we cannot and will not have fully functioning children and therefore eventually adults without this sort of exposure to working together and solving the problems that life but also working with other people throws at you.”

Tim Deighton

Northern Region Professional Development Coordinator

“Thank you for coming to work with us today. We have really appreciated the opportunity to learn and watch our children and then adapt our teaching to meet each child's individual needs. It has inspired all our staff to get our children to really learn.

David F, Head Teacher. 

"Loved it, loved it, loved it, great fun, energy, enthusiasm and learning. I laughed so much - great tonic and moral booster."

 Shay McConnon, International Speaker, Author and founder of People First Ltd on a corporate team building workshop run by Paul for the CIPD.

“Brilliant – the children enjoyed the experience – me too. I now know how to stand back a little more and give the children the opportunity to think and organise themselves, to enable their basic learning to belong to themselves.”

Linda, Class Teacher. 

"A fascinating and highly interactive session which had you hooked and engaged right from the off. Can certainly recommend it for young and old, public, private or voluntary sector".

Dawn Brown, FCIPD  and MAC.

“I liked the way the programme was facilitated. It was enjoyable to do fun, problem-solving solving tasks together with all of the team. I like the idea of giving responsibility back to children and allow them to figure it out for themselves.”

J.M. Teacher. 

"Fantastic Session, Thank you"

Linda Dewar, CIPD.

“I thought it was an enlightening experience. I've tried some of your ideas on my class and they work. Good ideas”

V. P. Teacher 

"It was refreshing not to be given rules for once and to let us come up with our own solutions"

Eve, Manager

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